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If you are a webmaster or web developer and have a voice in your web project design, then I call on you to make sure that your website is fully compliant and compatiable with not only Edge and Internet Explorer, but also with Netscape, Safari, Mozilla, Opera, Iron, Roccat, Tor, Avant and Omniqwest.

If to many websites continue to be designed exclusively for or mainly for IE and Edge and deny users of Iron, Mozilla, Iron, Safari and others, equal access and an equal experience, then eventually other browsers will just fade away. The very day that that happens, Microsoft will start charging $200 per seat/per year for IE. So think of it as paying in time and effort now instead of $$ later. The whole Internet community wins if there is quality browser competition.

Lets be sure that when we want quality Internet access in 2025, that we have a host of quality browsers out there to chooose between.

Far to many sites are designed either ...

  • Exclusively for IE (Would not function at all with Netscape.) .. or
  • Mainly for IE (look and feel was diminished for Netscape users.)
  • Compare (2016) Browsers

    Jim Turner
    InQuest LLC
    1833 Ranch Circle Drv
    Estes Park, CO 80517-2195
    Disclaimer: I have absolutely no affiliation with ANY browser company. This is merely a personal observation and personal plea. I just want to wake up 5-10 years from now and have at least 2 quality web browsers to choose between.
    Offered by InQuest LLC