I have a different view on Email Opt-In and Opt-Out List.

I have in the long past participated in email lists, hoping to build a valuable advertising method via this new Internet delivery system, trying to do it right and be right for the receiver. What I found was the recipient would, on occasion, request to have their name removed from the email list. I would remove it. But when I came across a new list of names and email addresses, I had no way of knowing if their name/email address had ever been there before.

I think that these lists should be constructed, not as your name is there or not there, but rather your name should ALWAYS be on the list with every valid email address for you with every business that may eventually send you email ... THEN ... annotate each record with the maximum number of emails you wish to receive from that business per month (i.e. 0,1,2,3,4 )

I, and I expect a great many others, don't mind getting valuable information emails from a range of businesses as long as we have some control over the volume. List managers following the Opt-In and Opt-Out paradigm only have an on/off switch. Seems to me that the best way is to offer a flow control mechanism ... not on/off but how many, how often.

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