Scream NO MORE No More Rebates

I want to SCREAM...!

Join with me in ending the great rebate rip off.

I have been seriously abused over the years in the rebate jungle

    I purchase items that promise a rebate. I go home and...

  • I forget to send in the rebate application in time..
  • I remember to send in the rebate application, but can't find my receipt..
  • I send in the rebate application in time, but make a submission error of some sort..
  • I send in the rebate application correctly, but failed to make a copy..
    OK the rebate is submitted on time and correctly.. But, no rebate comes .. NEXT ..
  • The manufacturer goes out of business.
  • There is no one to talk to complain.
  • There is a person at XYZ company to complain to, but XYZ does not pay the rebates, the rebates are paid by a 3rd party rebate company.. call them.
  • They can't find my application and ask me to resubmit.
  • They sent the check and I didn't receive it, resend.
    These company's are betting on ...
  • The customer will forget about sending in the rebate application...
  • The customer will send in the rebate application incorrectly...
  • The customer will not be able to successfly navagate the rebate complaint process to success chasing after their rebate ...
  • The customer, if they do get to the correct department, will not bother continuing the chase for the rebate...

I seriously suspect the rebate companies use the same tactic as the medical insurance companies use. I suspect that some employee is directed to just trash, deep six, round file a days mail here and there. Just loose it.

In my mind this a form of fraud. The companies are promising money to the customer, but actually plan on the customer not being able to jump through all the hoops to get it. I would not be surprised if as much as 50% of all rebates are not applied for and as many as 30% of all those rebate applications that are applied for go unsatisfied.

Personally I am fed up with the whole process and what to see rebates done away with, Permanently. Or at the very least, have the rebate process handled immediately at the point-of-sale with the store on the hook after 120 days if the rebate has not been received.

Jim Turner
InQuest LLC
Estes Park, CO 80517-2195
If you have a pet peeve and would like to vent it here, just send me an email and maybe I'll post it here.
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