I want to SCREAM...!

Date: March 12th, 2016

I have stubbled across countless pages of information on the web over the years that offer significant information on some subject or other .. but with no published date.

This drives me crazy. When was that information current. If it was 10 years ago, then it is not of any value at all, but if it was published yesterday, it could be very significant..

I got into computing back in the early 80's and one of the features of the era was dialup BBS (Bulletin Board Systems). Software was coming out virtualy every day that could do something new. Many BBS operators supported the posting of these new programs for downloading by their users. The newly uploaded software would frequently show up as "Newest version". But new software updates had no centralized dissemination system. Authors would just upload it to whatever BBS hit their fancy on the day they uploaded it with No version number or no date. Uses had no way to know it they where looking at truely the most recent version of a program or one that had been superceded 6 times since.

The same holds true today on these information articles. If you are uploading information to a blog, news column, or anywhere, PUT THE DATE ON IT!!!

Humm.. I guess it wouldn't hurt if all web pages had some kind of webfeedback button (see below ), where anyone could click on the button for any page and report a problem with the page (by page name/number). The entire web community could then be your backup proof readers .. if this page is ever found to be lacking in any way, it can be spotted, corrected and/or taken down.

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