I want to SCREAM...!

AT&T Cisco 3G MicroCell My story .. I went through total aggrivation with AT&T to get an iPhone 4 that continues to drop signal on a regular basis. I finally gave up and relented, just going to live with this phone that keep droping calls because the iPhone 4 has so many other connected computer type features that make it pretty handy device.

Next I get a promotional mail piece from AT&T offering me a free in-home 3G MicroCell signal enhancer. I go down to the AT&T store 30 miles away and get one. I hook it up and find that it gives me 4 or 5 bars anywhere in the house... but.. doesn't do anything to improve connectivity. Calls continue to drop on a regular basis. I frequently have to redial the same number perhaps 3 or 4 times before it rings through.

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