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The following four programs are available on a FREE trial basis.
These are all MS-DOS programs and are no longer supported.

The Calling Tree MS-DOS Software THE CALLING TREE
©1993, IN/QUEST, LLC, Aurora, CO
THE CALLING TREE (tm): MS-DOS Contact Database Manager to maintain contact information on people in hierarchical, tree-like, organizations. For organizations such as Emergency Response Contact Networks, MLM Network marketing Groups, and Political Party Information Matrixes.
Features.. Add, Delete, Move, Search, View, Printout people/groups. Navigate Up/Down/Around the tree, based on relationships. Track up to 7 phone numbers (Day, Night, Cellular, Fax, Pager, Vmail, Other) and dial (via modem) with integrated dialer. Track up to 5 dates per member. Printout organization genealogy to 50 levels. Check any months Calendar. Integrate and launch any number of other programs from your system. Leave the alternate program and return to exactly were you left off. Special requirements: MSDOS 3.3+ Changes: Added ability to lauch alternate programs from within the THE CALLING TREE environment, added support for tone dialing, fixed a bug in the integrated dialer, greatly enhanced search options, added monthly calendar, support for vanity phone numbers, Tree Genealogy Printout to 50 levels. Registration Price $49 US. File size: 268KB

Note: This program will run on a Windows/95/98/NT machine. But before running the Calling Tree program (CT), be sure to set up an environment variable "ztree" pointing to the directory where your Calling Tree is installed. (e.g. from the c: prompt type "set ztree=c:\ctree"). This environment variable should be in your machines autoexec.bat file.

©1993, IN/QUEST, LLC, Aurora, CO
PUBLIC ACCESS (tm): MS-DOS Front-End Access And Control Menuing Shell. It can launch any APPlication or dial-up COMunications program. For public libraries, hotels, etc, who provide PC resources to the general public. Provides program access control and usage accountability. Supports ProComm Plus to provide dialup access to any number of online services w/ integrated 12 step autologon. Free access to PRODIGY(r) with registration. Supports patron FREE or CHARGE (Cash and/or Credit Card) usage. Set rates, by minute, long distance minute, printed page, session, and overall event. Creates usage history, know who, used what, when for how long and control their patron charges accordingly. Patron gets detailed receipt when finished. Special requirements: MSDOS 3.3+ Changes: Fixed a few bugs, reduced files sizes and enhanced run speed, BBS doors supported. Registration Price: $89 US. File size: 673KB
©1993, IN/QUEST, LLC, Aurora, CO
EZ-Lotto (tm): Is a handy little MS-DOS program to track, analyze and pick lotto numbers from as many different lotto games as a person may want to. It supports lotto numbers with a domain range from 1 to 80 and a set range from 2 to 9 balls. Registration Price: $15 US. File size: 148KB
©1993, IN/QUEST, LLC, Aurora, CO
ShowLogo (tm): Is a handy MS-DOS screen saver. It will display any full screen of text you want to display with a variety of random video effects. It will also offer the user the chance to introduce a random PCX graphic file of the users choosing. File size: 37KB

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