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Free Ad Posting


(Reprint from NetDummy - April 25, 2000)

Guidelines For Posting Free Classified Ads


   DO NOT use profanity.

   DO NOT place URL's/Web Addresses in the title of your message.

   DO NOT use all CAPS in your messages. (i.e. THE BEST DEAL EVER!)

   Use common sense when posting or replying.

   Try to limit your ads to no more then 100 words.

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Be Careful...

Choose your heading carefully, and include your benefits. You have an enormous number of competitors trying to write a more intriguing and eye-catching heading.

Your ad will usually appear at the top of the list in its category, and be pushed down a notch each time a new ad appears. Guerrilla Marketing Online Weekly suggests: "To keep your ad near the top of the list all the time, repost it, or submit the same ad again. If your ad is in a busy area, plan to repost it every day."

Depending on the rules of the site, you may have to post a slightly different ad with a different title.

Sites That Offer Free Advertising (redsquareredsquareredsquareredsquareredsquare=Excellent)

   AmericaMall redsquareredsquare

   National Internet Source

   World Wide Mall Classifieds

   Official Classified MarketPlace

Advertise to 170,000+ internet entrepreneurs and more! For ad details & prices, click...

If you don't already know about newsgroups, it would be wise for you to check out the sites we've found. Some of them will undoubtedly help seasoned veterans as well. Whatever your experience, you can easily market your products and services through newsgroups. We at the Editorial Team would like to thank all our readers for reading NetDummy.

If you have any additional comments, please feel free to bring them to our attention at:

Patrick Stoddard
The NetDummy Team


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