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Is someone looking 
 for you? Who? Me? Old friend perhaps? Type your last name and 
Here is a select list of Internet web sites that help people find and reconnect with long lost friends, old army buddies, former navy shipmates, siblings or birth parents from adoption in the past and many other instances where you are looking for someone from your past. Some of these sites work exceptionally well if you know the person's current name and perhaps a social security number. If you do not know enough to go out and find them, then you might want to post a note on some of the other type sites and let them find you.

Look for the Favorable Rating as In/Quest's sign of quality.

You find them They find you
Use these sites to search for current phone numbers and addresses of friends. You need to know their current name and/or some unique information (Social Security Number, etc.). Then call them out of the blue. Hi remember me! Check these sites to see if someone is looking for you. With many of these sites, you can post a note to someone you are looking for. They see the note and they will contact you. Here I am!
Free Sites  
AnyWhoFavorable Rating
Australian White Pages
BigFootFavorable Rating
Canada 411
DEX Phone BookFavorable Rating
InfoSeek (InfoSeek)Favorable Rating
InfoUSA.ComFavorable Rating
International Telephone Directories
Lookup United Kingdom
Switchboard.ComFavorable Rating
The PI Directory
The Seeker
White Pages
WhoWhereFavorable Rating
Yahoo People SearchFavorable Rating
Commerical Sites  
555-1212 (Infospace)
KnowX.Com (InfoSeek)
People Finders
USA People SearchFavorable Rating

Aaron's Private Investigations
AccurintFavorable Rating
American Data Bank
CompuTrace Missing Persons
Confidential Search
Death Record Search
Deep Data
Discreet Research
Find People USA
Hunt Them
Internet Gumshoe
Lost Family
Lost People
Missing Persons
Nationwide Search
Net Detective 2000
People Finder
People Locator
People Of America
People Search
Private Detective Online
Seekers Of The Lost
Sherlock Database
State Public Records Database
US Locators People Search
Free Sites  
Who? Me?Favorable Rating
Find Missing People
Matilda Missing Persons
Missing Person CyberCenter
Missing Persons (World)
Missing Persons and Lost Loves
National Unclaimed Property Database
People Finder
Reunion Registry
The Canada Wide National Registry
Vietnam Vets (Lost and Found)
Commerical Sites  
Find A Friend
Find lost friends
Lost Connections
Lost Friends
Lost Friends
Add Site

Add Site

Disclaimer: These links offer help to those of you who are trying to locate someone from your past. These sites may have been filed in the wrong section, they may be off line now or completely changed. If you find a site that is filed incorrectly or has changed in some way we would like to receive an email from you.
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