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List of Available Investigative Services
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Person Locator $29.95 Info
Death Records Search $19.95 Info
Background $59.95 Info
State Professional License $29.95 Info
Nationwide Professional License $49.95 Info
County Criminal Search $24.95 Info
Federal Criminal Search (Statewide) $29.95 Info
US Wants & Warrants (Nationwide) $49.95 Info
Statewide Bankruptcy - Judgment & Liens $24.95 Info
National Bankruptcy - Judgment & Liens $49.95 Info
Federal Civil Search (Statewide) $29.95 Info
Property Search By Address $24.95 Info
Statewide Property Search $29.95 Info
Nationwide Property Search $49.95 Info
County Civil Searches $29.95 Info
Statewide Corporate Search $24.95 Info
Nationwide Corporate Search $49.95 Info
Statewide Shareholder Search $29.95 Info
Nationwide Shareholder Search $49.95 Info
Statewide UCC Search $24.95 Info
Nationwide UCC Search $49.95 Info
Sex Offender Search $34.95 Info
P O Box Search $19.95 Info
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